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GTA 5 Apk + Data ( VISA2 1.4 Final MOD ) For Android

Whats New :

– Brought New Automobiles
– Kuruma-> Armored Kuruma
– Introduced Railgun, homing launcher, hatchet
– Brought copyright textual content
– Car lighting fixtures now get xenon lighting fixtures
– GTA V Pickup Pieces (well being package, armour, cash)
– Balanced weapon stats
– Progressed Photos
– Car Xenon Gentle
– Progressed Weapon Hud texture
– Stepped forward Sniper Scope
– Stepped forward Participant Animation
– Progressed Street Textures
– Fastened A few car names
– Fastened Hammer icon in weapon hud
– Fastened More than a few insects
– Hud colour bonus document now strengthen 1.03 and 1.05, 1.07
– Recreation button modified
– New loading display

Download Link :

GTA 5 Apk

GTA 5 Data Files

VISAPatch Files

How To Install :

Install Apk
Put Data , Android / Obb.
Extract VISAPatch File , com.rockstargames.gtasa Copy Data , Android / Obb.

Touch Grind Skate 2 MOD v1.25 Apk + Data ( Offline / Full Unlock )

Hi guys, today I’m going to be reviewing TouchGrind Skate 2 for Android and this game is from Illusion Labs. So I’ve had this game for a couple of weeks now and I think it is a really fun game. It’s the sequel to the original TouchGrind which came out about 6 years ago and also TouchGrind BMX which was released in 2011.This is a freemium game but requires IAP purchased to unlock different tracks,maps and skateboards but using MOD APK Touchgrind Skate 2 you will have freely unlocked everything.

The new main menu is recognisable yet even easier to navigate than the previous editions of TouchGrind. The game features a wide variety of maps each with their own unique challenges, along with timed competition modes, online multiplayer and more. TouchGrind Skate 2 also has a wide array of board customisations, with options such as deck type, grip tape, wheels, stickers and more. You can even apply your own photos to your board as well. The graphics look absolutely beautiful and the game even…

Earn Money For Android ( Payment Proof Added / No Download Apps / No Investment ) 100% Working

Great app that gives chances for earning paytm cash when you watch deals, coupons, campaigns, brand offers. Which you may have very well chance to win.

How To Work :

1 ) Now the app will open and click on "+Chances" icon and you can earn more +2 chances for checking out advertisements.

2 ) Click on "Register My View" on the ad popup to get +2 chances.

Download Link :

Earn Money Apk

Install Apk & Play.

Payment Proof .

Build A Bridge MOD Apk ( Unlimited Lots of Money )

Build a Bridge! is a smart puzzle bridge constructor game from Boombit Games. You can guess the gameplay while reading its name. its Building a bridge where your only goal is to simply build a budget bridge that lasts longer. bridge construction games are in limelight since android gaming started i have seen ARMv6 bridge building games too. Its quite fun because game tests your Engineering skills from starting to end.Build a Bridge is a freeimium indie game but you have to purchase EASY MODE GAME to complete easy levels. there are also in-game currencies such as Gold coins which can be used to purchase bridge parts and upgrades.

Build a bridge will surely impress you at the first play. simple gameplay about laying various parts like iron parts, steel bridges and wooden parts to make a bridge. each level has different environment to build a bridge and also you will have a car available on each stages so when you are done you just have to press the play button and vehicle will pass on yo…

Kingdom New Lands v1.2.7 MOD Apk

Kingdom New Lands APK is a brand new adventure offline game Developed Noio and published by Raw Fury.. this is a very different style of game.i haven’t played anything else like it.Its a premium game with no IAP and No Ads simply get the APK of Kingdom New Lands Free and play it till the end. the art style reminds me a lot of deer God. it’s very unique very interesting so the way the game works is you start off as a king or queen you can actually choose your way. your character looks off the beginning but the way works is you’re essentially managing a kingdom it’s a it’s a simple strategy game but it’s also a management type of game in the sense that you don’t actually do anything yourself you just kind of get people around you to do things for you.

This premium free apk is small in size but huge in adventure. there’s a little mantra that comes up near the start off with you’re trying to build a kingdom and the way it works for you set up your camp and the game will start…