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Mission Of Crisis v1.3.6 All Android Devices

UPDATE :1, 2 new instances added to level 1. Item and equipment will be rewarded once complete the instance. Each instance could be completed only once a day.
2, Reward “Continued Sign in” added to arena.
Keep signing in everyday to win more free reward.Download Links : ( All Devices )Mission Of Crisis v1.3.6 ApkInstallApk & Enjoy.LikeusonFB :ANDROSATTARGAMES

Cypress Inheritance ( Unreal Engine) v6.1.7

IMPORTANT : PLEASE CLEAR YOUR SAVED PROFILES AFTER UPDATE FOR PROPER PLAY!Required Settings :Android 2.3.1 or above (4.0.3 recomended)
1 GB Ram
1 GHz Dual Core processor or better (ARM-9)
- Please update your firmware/OS to the latest version.
- Please close all open applications for best performance.Download Links :
( High End Devices )APK :-Cypress Inheritance ( Unreal Engine) v6.1.7 ApkDATA :- Cypress Inheritance ( Unreal Engine) v6.1.7 DataHow To Install :Install Apk
Put Data , Android / Obb
RunApk & Enjoy.ThnxToMuzhiwanLikeusonFB :ANDROSATTARGAMES

EPIC Battle for Moonhaven v1.1.0 All Android Devices

UPDATE :✓ Reap rewards from your Kingdom's NEW BUILDINGS & DECORATIONS!
✓ Help M.K. get accustomed to her new life among the Jinn with NEW QUESTS!
✓ Get the top rank in Multiplayer to win prizes in the NEW WEEKLY LEADERBOARD CONTEST!Download Links : ( All Devices )APK :-EPIC Battle for Moonhaven v1.1.0 ApkDATA :-EPIC Battle for Moonhaven v1.1.0 DataFilesHowToInstall :InstallApk
PutData , Android / Data

Wind-up Knight v2.4 ( MOGA Controllers Update )

WIND-UP KNIGHT v2.4 !- More complete support for controllers.
- Wind-up Knight is now a MOGA Enhanced game!
- Other minor bug fixes.Download Links : ( ARMv7 Only )Wind-up Knight v2.4 ApkInstallApk & Enjoy.LikeusonFB :ANDROSATTARGAMES

Minecraft - Pocket Edition v0.7.3

Version 0.7.3- Added sun, moon and stars
- Double chest
- Quartz slabs
- Cooler title screen
- Many realms improvements
- Bug fixesDownload Links : ( ARMv7 Only )Minecraft - Pocket Edition v0.7.3 ApkInstallApk & Enjoy.LikeusonFB :ANDROSATTARGAMES

HEIST The Score v1.4 ( All Devices )

FEATURES :• Fast-paced rail shooter action
• Action packed gun fights
• Many weapons to gut the bank
• Destructible environments
• Compelling motion capture cut scenes tell the
tale of HEIST in full force.
• Professional voice actors
• Experience high resolution graphics with
dynamic music and sounds effects
Xperia PLAY optimizedDownload Links :
[ ARMv6 & ARMv7 ]HEIST The Score v1.4  ApkInstallApk & Enjoy.ARMv6ByANDROSATTARGAMESLikeusonFB :ANDROSATTARGAMES

AndroSattarGames App

Hey Guys ,
We already have 700+ posts on our blog ! All Android Games at one place !Download n install this app, for finding games at one touch !
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Dead Space™ MOD Full Upgrade ( Everything Unlocked No-Root )

The sci-fi horror masterpiece DEAD SPACE has finally arrived on Android! This stunning vision of the Dead Space franchise is truly a landmark in mobile gaming. Featuring hardcore gameplay and a rich audio experience,immerse yourself in bloodcurdling events that unleash the Necromorph horde. Once you’ve played, this sci-fi horror masterpiece will truly change the way you think about Android games.What's in this version : We’ve made additional behind-the-scenes adjustments to improve overall gameplay.Download Links :
( ARMv6 + ARMv7 )APK :-Dead Space™ MOD ApkDATA :-Dead Space™ MOD Data How To Install :Install Apk
Put Data , Android / Data
Run Apk & Enjoy.Like us on FB :ANDROSATTARGAMES

Blood Brothers (RPG) v1. ( All Android Devices )

FEATURES : ★ Customize your party to gain a strategic edge.
★ Wield skills from archery to sorcery, lightning to fire.
★ Bond and evolve characters together in dark rites.
★ Traverse villages, castles, dungeons, and more.
★ Get new characters and areas in free updates.Download Links : ( All Devices ) APK :- Blood Brothers (RPG) v1.  ApkInstallApk & Enjoy.LikeusonFB :ANDROSATTARGAMES

Infinite Flight v1.1

1.1.1 Update: Hot fix for startup crash reported by some users on multiple phones.• Cessna 208 (Free)
• Boeing 777-200ER (Paid)
• Boeing 777-200F (Paid)
• F-22 Raptor (Paid)
• Chicago Area (Free)
• Caribbean Islands (Paid)
• Fixed crosswind behavior
• Fixed sound on Android 4.3
• Fixed content download issue on Android 4.3Download Links : ( ARMv7 Only )Infinite Flight v1.1 Apk Install Apk & Enjoy.Like us on FB :ANDROSATTARGAMES

ETERNITY WARRIORS 2 v4.0.0 ( PVP Update )

UPDATE :► PvP: compete in epic battles with players worldwide for exclusive rewards!
► Bug fixes and improvementsDownload Links : [ ARMv7 Only )DataFileHost :APK :- ETERNITY WARRIORS 2 v4.0.0 ApkDATA :- ETERNITY WARRIORS 2 v4.0.0 Data Part 1ETERNITY WARRIORS 2 v4.0.0 Data Part 2How To Install :Install Apk
Put Data , Android / Obb
Run Apk & Enjoy.Like us on FB :ANDROSATTARGAMES