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Eternity Warriors 2APK v3.3.0 / v3.2.3 Mod + Hackunlimited credits

Eternity Warriors 2 is the ultimate action RPG game for Android just released by Glu Mobile in Aug 2012. The game is free to play , but you can pay real money to buy extra items for your warriors.

It has been 100 years since the First
Demon War tore the land of Northern
Udar apart. Thanks to the Eternity
Warriors, the demon threat was finally held. However the demons have been consolidating their power in a series of Towers built throughout Northern Udar.You have been tasked with cleansing these Demon Towers and defeating the deadly demon army.

Eternity Warriors 2 Features :

°• Stunning HD visuals and
epic meelee gameplay.
Real-time combat style
against dozens of new

°• Battle online with a
fellow warrior in the online multiplayer mode.

°• Collect armor, weapons,
and loots to upgrade your gear to become the ultimate Eternity Warrior in Udar.

What's in v3.3.0 (updated in 19 Jul
2013) :

►HARD MODE : Defeat stronger enemies for greater rewards!
►DEVIL ARMOR : Defend yourself with more powerful armor!
►Max. player level increased to 75!
►Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance.

What's in v3.2.1 (updated in 30 May
2013) :

► Added Leaderboards!
► Now Includes Achievements!
► Players Can Now Save to the Cloud.
► Play with your Google+ friends!
► Bug fixes and improvements.

Download Links:( ARMv6 & ARMv7 )

Eternity Warriors 2 Apk v3.2.1 + Data

Instruction :

- Install Apk
- Copy the extracted "Android" folder to sdcard/
- Run & enjoy the game.

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For offline playing with full money hack , please download the below APK :

1. Download Eternity warriors 2 v3.2.3 Mod Offline, Free Shopping
What's in version 3.2.3 :

► Multiplayer bug fixes.
► New create room functionality for
Galaxy S4 crash fix.
► Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance.

Game APK : Installation File v3.2.3 Mod
Game Data : Full Data

Instructions :

+ Install the APK
+ Extract and copy the game data to
+ Run the game.

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2. Download EW 2 v3.0.0 Mod Unlimited Money , Non-root What's in v3.0.0 :

➤Brand new Boss Rush mode! Defeat waves of epic bosses to earn great rewards!
➤New armor set – The General’s Armor!
➤New weapon - The General’s Spear!
➤To help in the Dragon’s Lair – the
Dragon Spear!
➤New Heartless Glass Weapons!
➤Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance.

Game APK : Installation File v3.0.0 hack full money Or Alternative Link
Game Data : No data required !

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3. Download Eternity Warriors 1 v2.2.0

Game APK : Installation Modded Full
Money v2.2.0
Game Data : Part1 | Part2

Note : to extract the game data, you need to install 7zip & x-plore .

Instructions :

+ Install the APK
+ Extract and copy the game data to
+ Run & Enjoy !

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How to hack 180k Glu for Eternity Warriors 2 (some gamers reported that the hack does not work anymore) :
- Download and extract this gwallet file : OR

- After exracting the file, you will get
this folder .gwallet

Follow Caio' s instruction :

Guys i just made it! in the latest
version !
So im going to try to explain for
you guys.

You guys will need to put the
gwallet.rar file inside the gwallet
folder that is inside the android
folder. wich is android/data/

and you guys gonna need the unrar
apk thing, so you guys can unzip
the gwallet rar file.

First you got to open the game
normaly with a wifi connection.
after load everything your glu gold
should be like 0 or 5 (the amount
you got)
After that, close the game.

open the unrar apk and go to the
gwallet folder. delete the gwallet
folder and then unzip the gwallet

This next step you guys got to be
fast ! ok

after unziping the gwallet hack in
the android folder you have to open
the game and let it load till the blue
picture appears, (the one with a
warrior stricking a skeleton) ok,
when the picture appears you have
to click the home button and open
the unrar apk and go to the gwallet
folder, after that you must delete
the file called subscriberv2.dat.
after deleting this file you will
return to the game.

when the menu appears you just
turn on the air plane mode aaaaand
YES! go to the shop and you will see
95k of glu points!

If you guys have any doubt add me
in my facebook and ill will
personally help you guys! My
facebook name is : SATTAR MIRKAR

Cya guys

Follow sheriff's instruction :

-if you want to put
extracted .gwallet to your android/
gwallet have to
unhidden file first..('coz this file is
-go to your file manager (mine is
galaxy tab p3100),that show extsd
card and sdcard.
-click up right corner for
setting...and then tick to view
hidden files..(something like
that,coz im not holding my tab rite
-first ..copy your gwallet.rar to your
extsd card.
-copy your gwallet.rar on ext sd
card to sdcard/android/data/
gwallet. using file manager with
your phone or tablet.(it's visible
now..'coz you unhidden the folder)
-unrar .gwallet.rar using rar
application with your phone.
-the extracted file is replacing the
existed folder..( choose "yes" to
-then you have new gwallet folder.
-in the new gwallet folder you have
3 files..if there is something like
subscriberv2.dat..delete you
just have only 3 files..
-there you go..i tried frontline
commando..i got 180.000 glu
coin..enough to buy infinite
weapon ..airstrike..the vest..etc..
-hope this can help others...

Many gamers report that the above hack does not work on non-rooted phones.Please try this new hack if you want: in - app billing mod v1.0.1
Run the game, buy coins with Google Play, you will see an error, click back and see what happens.
99999 coins are purchased!

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