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Chaos Rings ( RPG) All Android Devices

Game Features : ( ARMv6 + ARMv7 )
( UPDATED LINK )-High-quality voice acting that brings game characters to life
-Amazingly smooth 3D graphics
-Gorgeous sound that takes full advantage of the Android’s powerful hardware
-A deep story with unique twists for every pair and multiple endings
-Highly polished game and battle systems with a traditional feel
-Hours upon hours of gameplay, complete with hidden bosses, secret weapons, and more.Download Links : ( All Devices )ZippyShare :
Apk :- Chaos Rings ( RPG) ApkZippyShare :
Data :- 3 PartsChaos Rings ( RPG) DataPart 1Chaos Rings ( RPG) Data Part 2Chaos Rings ( RPG) Data Part 3HowToInstall :InstallApk
PutDataAndroid / Obb

Real Steel HD v1.2.2 ( ARMv6 & ARMv7 )

New Features (Download Now) :✓ Build Your Own Robot!!
✓ Customize your Robots with 1000+ unique combinations
✓ Many more performance upgrades.Download Links :
( ARMv6 & ARMv7 )                { ARMv6 Only }DataFileHost : v1.0.33
Apk + Instruction : -Real Steel HD v1.0.33 Apk + InstructionDataFileHost : v1.0.33
Data :- Real Steel HD v1.0.33 Data~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                  { ARMv7 Only }DataFileHost : v1.2.2
Apk :- Real Steel HD v1.2.2 ApkDataFileHost : v1.2.2
Data :-RealSteelHDDataHowToInstall :InstallApk
PutDataAndroid / Data

Avatar HD All Android Devices

Download links : ( All Devices )DataFileHost :
Apk + Data :- Avatar HD Apk + DataHow To Install : Install APK
1. Put data in sd/gameloft/games/
2. Open chain fire 3d choose plug in power vr ( No need if your phone is already running on power vr)
3. Run the game and enjoy
4. After u play the game 2 times it will stuck it intro screen. Un-Install and install again.LikeusonFB :ANDROSATTARGAMES

Fantashooting v2.1.2 ( ARMv6 & ARMv7 )

UPDATE VERSION v2.1*Add a new map : Orc Liar.
*Watch out for all new enemies and bosses.
*New character: Mental Max.
*New enemies in the Ice Gorge.
*Improve the gameplay.DownloadLinks :
( ARMv6 & ARMv7 )DataFileHost :
Apk :-Fantashooting v2.1.2 ApkMediafire :
Apk :-Fantashooting v2.1.2 ApkInstallApk & Enjoy.LikeusonFB :ANDROSATTARGAMES

Lara Croft GL v1.2 All Android Devices

FEATURES :• Fast-paced action/adventure gameplay
• Breathtaking environments
• Focussed puzzle solving
• Player upgrades and unlockable weapons
• Console-quality HD graphics
Discover more great mobile games from Square Enix and great deals, plus the latest game updates, tips, and more!Download Links : ( All Devices )DataFileHost :
Apk :- Lara Croft GL v1.2 ApkDataFileHost :
Data Files :- 2 Parts
Lara Croft GL v1.2 DataPart 1
Lara Croft GL v1.2 DataPart 2HowToInstall :InstallApk
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Cartoon Wars 2 v1.0.4 MOD Offline All Android Devices

[ Cartoon Wars 2 Update ]This update contains the following
improvements :
1. Minor Bug FixesDownload Links : ( All Devices )ZippyShare : NON MODDEDCartoon Wars 2 Apk Offline v1.0ZippyShare :-MODDEDCartoonWars 2 Online ( MOD
Unlimited GOLD) v1.0.4 ApkDataFileHost :- MODDEDCartoon Wars 2 Online ( MOD
Unlimited GOLD) v1.0.4 ApkInstallApk & Enjoy.LikeusonFB :ANDROSATTARGAMES

Eternal Legacy ( Re-Upload ) ( All Android Devices)

If you're looking for a long term adventure with lavish graphics, then this is the best game for you Eternal Legacy.Download Links : ( All Devices )DataFileHost :
Apk :- Eternal Legacy Apk + BackupFiles DataFileHost :
Data Files :- 5 Parts Eternal Legacy Data Part 1Eternal Legacy Data Part 2Eternal Legacy Data Part 3Eternal Legacy Data Part 4Eternal Legacy Data Part 5How To Install :Install Apk
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Can Knockdown 3 ( FULL) v1.2.0

UPDATE :Great news for all Can Knockdown 3 fans.Another 40 amazing levels are included in this update! Can you master them all? Get the update and give it a try !
60 levels are free. If you like them you may unlock additional 100 levels for $1.99. Enjoy !Download Link : ( ARMv7 Only )Apk :- DataFileHostCan Knockdown 3 ( FULL) v1.2.0 ApkData :-DataFileHostCanKnockdown 3 ( FULL ) v1.2.0HowToInstall :InstallApk
RunApk & Enjoy .LikeusonFB :ANDROSATTARGAMES

Ducati Challenge v1.1.8 All Android Devices

UPDATE : ( ARMv6 + ARMv7 )- App size reduced (from around 400 MB to 180 MB)
- Fixed bug affecting OS 4.x
- Fixed touch control issues
- Enhanced 2D rendering
- Improved performance and loading
- Removed loa ding tracks bug
- Minor bug fixes
- Improved device compatibility.Download Links : ( All Devices )Apk :- MEDIAFIREDucati Challenge v1.1.8 ApkData : MEDIAFIREDucati Challenge v1.1.8 Data Files~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Apk :-DATAFILEHOSTDucati Challenge v1.1.8 ApkData 2 Parts : DATAFILEHOSTDucati Challenge v1.1.8 DataPart 1Ducati Challenge v1.1.8 DataPart 2HowToInstall :InstallApk
PutDataAndroid / Obb

The Sims 3 HD Offline ( All Devices )

Enjoy hours of fun on your Android device as you shape your Sims and their world.Download Links : ( All Devices )Apk :-The Sims 3 HD ApkData :-The Sims 3 HD Data Files How To Install :Install Apk
Put Data Android / Data
RunApk & Enjoy .LikeusonFB :ANDROSATTARGAMES