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Contract Killer Zombies 2 ARMv6 (Mod Unlimited Coins)

Download Contract Killer Zombies 2
ARMv6 (Mod Unlimited Coins). For galaxy
y or any other qvga phones.
CKZ ORIGINS version 2.0.0 Modded APK
For unlimited Glu Coins with added
support for Armv6 Devices.
Sequel to the great action game Contract
Killer Zombies brings new Third persion
action adventure Shooting game with its
freemium title but this version got the
unlimited glu coins so there will be no
problem to finish this game till end.
Version: 2.0.0
What's in this version:
➤ New Indoor Survival Mode! Face
endless waves of zombies in the new
indoor arena. Complete challenges for
bonus points and Hire a friend to help you
➤ New “Ammo Refill” consumable allows
you to refill your ammo in the heat of
battle without finding an ammo crate.
➤ Now includes Facebook
➤ Included option to invert Y axis!
➤ New and improved tutorial!
➤ Bug fixes and other improvements to
game performanceApp Version: 2.0.0Requires Android:2.1 and UpQ. Need Root?
A. NoDownload Links: (Armv6 and Armv7)Do…

Vector ( Deluxe ) ARMv6

FEATURE : “The way Vector mimics the movements
of real-life parkour practitioners is quite
impressive... I can’t wait to be entrapped
in Vector’s promising mix of direction and
magnitude“Awesome!”, “Wow! Perfect Game, Man”,
“Greatest game I ever ‘ran’!!!”, “Woohoo! 5
stars!”TestesPhones :GalaxyY
AndMoreArmv6DevicesDownloadLink : Rar File Install & Enjoy

Mortal Combat 3 Armv6

May have forgotten this game, but it was one
of many best Games ever.
Many years ago, this game was one of the
most played around the world.
Working smooth and easy controls.Armv6 & Armv7DownloadLink & Enjoy
Armv6 & Armv7ByAndroSattar

Subway Surfers (galaxy Y ) (working smooth)

100 % working
You can try it out without the need of
CF 3 D or anything else . Tested on a pure
stock ROM and kernel without any
additional tweaks or performance
improving software , it just runs smoothly .
You may try to use the Seeder app ,
overclocking, CF 3 D or performance
governors in a custom kernel. Hopefully
the performance will be even slightly
better than it is now . Huge thanks to
whoever optimized it this big, enjoy .Drago 9 oiD at xda - developers shared this
smoothly running version of Subway
Surfers, the version is 1 . 6 . 0 New York
What kind of changes and improvements
have been made
Basically Drago 9 oiD claims he resized the
splash screen for ldpi screens ( galaxy y
has ldpi screen )Download-
Install n Play !Supplied By- AndroSattar Games

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline v1.33 ARMv6 {Apk+Data}

Feel the thrill of arcade racing like never before in the newest adrenaline-pumping game of the Asphalt series.Asphalt 6 HD and HVGA, optimized version, also works in
ARMv6 processorsTested on Sony EricssonWalkman Live
Works on
Xperia Mini
Xperia Mini Pro
Xperia Arc
Xperia NeoTest on other devices
and comment to help other usersInstallation :Copy the folder to asphalt6
gameloft / games / here
install Apk
connect to internet open the game, and wait verification of files
Ready.Download Links:
{ ARMv6 &ARMv7 }Download Apk Data & Enjoy
Armv6 & Armv7ByAndroSattar

Moto Locos ARMv6

Feel the wind blowing on your face as your
cruise on your motorcycle through the roads of
Rio de Janeiro's beautiful Copacabana beach
or the incredible colors of Buenos Aires'
Caminito district. MOTO LOCOS is the ultimate
arcade bike riding game that will put all your
abilities to the test. Avoid the traffic jam, jump
over cars and obstacles and use power ups to
finish all levels on time. Need an extra energy
boost? Just collect the energy drinks on your
way and speed up!Armv6DownloadLink : & Enjoy

Asphalt Surfers

Asphalt Surfers is an exciting Skateboard
game, you will be skating around MIAMI city
trying to reach the highest score!
★ Go wild in the Skate World!
★ The way to play is very easy!
★ You can get the points multiplier and reach a
much higher score!
★ Turn and Run as fast as you can!
★ Be careful of Bombs around the City!
★ Use your abilities to get more Golden Coins!
★ You can play using SWIPE or TOUCH
controllers !
★ Amazing sound effects!
★ Join this amazing race for Coins and Points!
★ Great Graphics!Armv6 & Armv7DownloadLink & Enjoy
s60v5 ByAndroSattar

House of the Dead Overkill: LR APK+DATA

You thought it was over… but we've found
the Lost Reels.
Join the original cast and blast your way
through remixed worlds from The House
of the Dead Overkill™. Play in Survival or
Story Mode and mow down waves of
infected, blood-thirsty mutants in this b-
style arcade shooter.
▪ Experience 3 goregasmic worlds full of
carnage in Story Mode. In Papa’s Palace
of Pain, Ballistic Trauma, and Naked
Terror, you’ll be screaming ‘til your last
▪ Enjoy non-stop shooting action as you
blow apart mutants for high-score thrills.
See how long you can hold off the
swarms of undead in Survival Mode.
▪ Isaac Washington: a hard-drinking
ladies’ man who deals damage in droves.
▪ Agent G: an inexperienced but deadly
assassin who keeps a steady hand under
▪ Varla Guns: the hottest stripper on the
Bayou City club scene who enjoys the
largest clip.
▪ Candi Stryper: an expert with her hands
who knows h…

Iron Man 3 The Official Game APK+DATA(Unlimited Money)

Iron Man 3 is finally on Android. IRON
MAN 3 APK WITH DATA (Unlimited
Money Soon)
✔Fight against rising A.I.M. forces
around the world during amazing runs
✔Discover 3 different locations offering
endless, self-generating levels: Malibu
Shores, New York City and China
✔Confront 4 epic villains from the Iron
Man comics: Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel
Stane, Living Laser and the mighty
✔Complete various missions in fast-
paced flying battles and epic one-on-one
✔Unleash Iron Man's superpowers with
amazingly responsive swipe controls
✔Enjoy an outstanding 3D world with
cutting-edge graphics and animations
✔Research and develop up to 18 suits
from the different movies (MARK II, MARK
42, Silver Centurion, etc.)
✔Upgrade your armours and powers in
the research Lab to wipe out your
enemiesRequires Android: 2.3 and UpVersion: 1.0Download Links: (ARMv…

Fieldrunners 2 APK+DATA

Key Features:
- Pint sized invaders seeking revenge!
- A tower that launches bee hives!
- Tons of levels in a 20+ hour campaign!
- Revolutionary AI - each enemy creates a
dynamic, realistic path through the
- Gorgeous, hand painted, 2D graphics by
award winning artists!
- 20 unique, upgradeable weapons!
- Custom loadouts let you pick the perfect
weapons for each battle!
- Air strikes, mines, and powerful items so
you can strike with the precision of a
- Time Trial, Sudden Death, and Puzzle
maps bring all new challenges to tower
- Trenches, bridges, and tunnels add new
dimensions to gameplay!
- Collect all the Elite enemies to become
the ultimate tower defense champion!
- A tower that turns enemies into barnyard
animals!Requires Android: 2.2 and UpVersion: 1.0Download Links: (ARMv6 and ARMv7)DataFileHost : Part 1 2 3 APK,Place the data folder in Android/obb folder and play.

Plants vs. Zombies 4.9.2 APK +DATA

Game Features
• Conquer zombies in all 50 levels of
Adventure mode — through day, night and
fog, in a swimming pool and on the
• Battle 26 types of zombies including
pole-vaulters, snorkelers and bucket-
• Earn 49 powerful perennial plants and
collect coins to buy a pet snail, power-ups
and more
• Open the Almanac to see all the plants
and zombies, plus amusing "facts" and
• Collect 10 fun-dead achievements in
your zombie tower defense adventure
• Enjoy all the zombie-zapping fun of the
hit PC/Mac game — fully optimized for
• Hilarious graphics, great soundtrack and
a bonus music video
• Made by PopCap, the creators of
Bejeweled, the #1 puzzle game in the
worldRequires Android: 2.2 and UpVersion: 4.9.2Download Links: (ARMv6 and ARMv7)Download APK+DATA:
DataFileHost : APK,Place data folder in Android/dataInstallAndEnjoy

Cut the Rope Time Travel HD

There’s no time to waste! Visit six exciting
locations including the Middle Ages, the
Renaissance, a Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt,
Ancient Greece, and the Stone Age. Om
Nom’s ancestors are waiting – and they’re
getting really hungry for candRequires Android: 2.2 and UpVersion: 1.0Download Links: (ARMv6 and ARMv7)NORMAL VERSION (FOR LOW END DEVICES)DataFileHost VERSION (FOR HIGH END DEVICES)

Temple Run Oz 1.2.0 ARMv6

What's in this version:
Fans, check out the exciting new features in
this update:
• Brand-new location Winkie Country – enjoy
running in this wondrous environment
through infinite farms, majestic canyons,
and maze-like cornfields
• New obstacle – watch out for Winkie
• ‘Head Start’ feature – fast travel to any
• Leaderboard – beat your friends’ distances
and run right past their names just like the
original Temple Run!
• All-new weekly challenges and objectives
– over 370 objectives total!Requires Android: 2.2 and UpDownload Links: (ARMv6 and ARMv7)DataFileHost :

Dungeon Hunter 4 APK+DATA (OFFLINE+Unlimited Money)

Offline + Unlimited Money.
The Demons, a race thought to have been
extinguished eons ago, have returned. You
awaken from what seemed like a nightmare
to find your kingdom, Valenthia, decimated.
Unharmed from the battle, you are
mysteriously gifted with tremendous new
power and skills. You could be your people’s
only remaining hope…
Embark on an epic adventure and get ready
to fight your way through intense solo and
multiplayer levels in this new free
installment of the iconic dungeon crawler
This free fantasy game is best suited for
fans of: hack 'n slash, action RPGs, dark
fantasy games, multiplayer and free
adventure games.Requires Android: 2.3 and UpVersion: 1.0.1Download Links: (ARMv7 Only)
DataFileHost: Data Files: (Torrent) APK,Place data folder in SDcard/Android/obb/ and play the game offline.For Unlimited Money try this steps: WILL BE WRITTEN SOON.

N.O.V.A 3 1.0.5 APK DATA(Nova 3)

NOVA 3 version 1.0.5 APK with data files
( Torrent )
• An epic storyline: Humanity finally returns
to Earth after years of exile! Fight in 10
immersive levels across the galaxy, from a
war-torn Earth to a frozen Volterite city.
• Multiple weapons and powers: Run, shoot,
drive vehicles, and pilot a mech to defeat
hordes of enemies.
• Join 12-player battles in 6 multiplayer
modes (Capture the Point, Free-for-All,
Capture the Flag, etc.) on 6 different maps.
• For the first time, multiple allies can jump
inside the same vehicle and spread
destruction on the battlefield.
• Discover the new FPS benchmark for
graphics and gameplay (real-time shadow &
lights, particle system, ragdoll physics, etc.)
Requires Android: 2.2 and Up
Version: 1.0.5
What's in this version:
Various bug fixes and more devices
supported.Download APK File: (ARMv7 Only)DataFileHost : Data Files: (Torrent) (1.8 GB) : APK Place data folder in SDcard/Android/obb/ and play.