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Urban Chaser Racing


Crazy Snowboard Pro

Raging Thunder 2 HD

Hungry Shark 3 HD

Burning Tires HD

Apk Install N Play...!!!

Early Bird HD

Install n Play...!!!!

Critical Missions SWAT

- Cross-platform 3D First-
Person Shooter MMO: beat PC/
Mac players and players from
other mobile platforms
- Multiplayer Mode: Local
network and Servers Globally
(USA, Europe and Asia)
- Single Player Mode: Player vs.
Customizable Bots (Terrorists,
- Smooth and Responsive
Customizable Touch Controls (--
> Game menu - Settings - User
Interface - Edit HUD)
- Six Game Types: Classic, Team
Death Match (DTM), Zombie
Mode, Zombie Match, Survival,
Death Match, Juggernaut and
Capture The Flag (CTF)
- Customizable settings: player
HP, player speed, zombie
difficulty, ect.
- Dozens of pre-installed and
downloadable unique maps
Requires Android:2.1 and Up
Download Links: Armv6 and
DataFileHost: n play...!!!

Fake Windows 8 for Galaxy Y & All Android Devices

Try the new Windows 8 on your
Galaxy Y Phone or Any Other Android
Devices Even on your tablet See
Below Screenshots & video running
windows 8 on galaxy y.
Trick and prank your friends by
telling them you got the latest
Windows 8 on your device and let
them experience a new way to use a
smartphone with the Metro style.
Enjoy !
Note : Sometimes, a click on an icon
can bring you to an advertisment
page. This means that the application
has not been found on your phone.
Adverstisements are displayed to
support our work, thank you for your
understanding.Direct apk___


Angry Gran Run! How far can you
Take to the streets with ANGRY
Our Granny has been locked away in
the Angry Asylum by Fred the agent
in white, she's plotting her escape,
and she needs YOU to guide her
through the streets once she's
busted out!
Run, jump, dash and slide over and
around tons of different and WACKY
obstacles in this crazy new endless
running game!
out the way and grab their coins to
clear up the streets once and for all!
Change your look by buying new
costumes including 70's hippy gran,
wonder gran, zombie gran and even
Forget the temple, jungles and
subway stations - the cities of New
York and Rome await you!
Buy and upgrade loads of different
power-ups like BULLET-TIME and
and other INSANE stuff!
Angry Gran Run is the best free 3D
running game! If you love grandma
games then you will love this cool
FREE running game!Direct Apk

Highway Rider 1.3.5

What's in this version:
- memory optimizations
Requires Android:2.2 and Up
Download Link:
2shared: n play...

Gangstar west coast hustle HD

hi everyone, ever thought playing
GTA on your android phone, here its
is Gangster west coast hustle HD,
gta like game, u can do everything
here like- looting cars, bikes,
missions, and yes the RADIO in car! the APK file LINK-
(FIXED) the data for sd card.
3. extract the data folder and copy
the files to- sd card/gameloft/
4. paste the apk file anywhere on
your sd card then install it.
5. start Chain Fire 3D...
6. go to "default open gl settings"
and tik- "reduce texture quality" and
also tik- "reduce texture size", then
go to use plugins (right under
"reduce texture size) and select
7. minimize chain fire 3D
8. start the game and ENJOY!!!!


Find the universe and characters
from the animated film Sammy 2
in the official game in 3D!
Sammy and his friends will have
to use stratagems wildest out of
the aquarium and their freedom.
A 3D adventure unforgettable.
In the game you can play as in
turn one of eight characters:
Ricky, Ella, the intrepid
hatchlings, Lulu, lobster dual
personality, Annabel, the
adorable pink octopus ... and
earn maximum parts or by
diving into the wonderful worlds
of the game
Download Link:
(HVGA,QVGA,WVGA) Its Galaxy y very smooth Ly....

Subway Surfers 1.5.0 ARMV6 APK

What's in this version:
★ Snowy Winter Wonderland
★ Elf Tricky character only
available for a limited time
★ New Boards! Surf with style
and discover awesome powers!
- Free gift for the holidays
- Restyled menu
- Improved performance
- New graphics and animations
Requires Android:2.3.3 and Up
Download Link:
Install APK and play...

Monster Pinball HD APK v1.0

Monster Pinball HD Features
Great gameplay Achievement
Achievements board
Stunning HD graphics
Crazy sound effects
Fast, Medium, Slow modes
Six interconnected tables
Single table mode achievements
Highscore table
And Over 500 goals!
Download Link:
Install n Play...

Windows 8 for Android v1.5 APK

Get ready for an entirely new
experience on your phone! This
launcher allows your phone to
emulate a windows 8 pc on
your Android device. You can
replace this home application
with the default one and access
everything on your phone
through Windows 8 for Android.
You can add tiles with your
favorite applications on the
home screen as well as your
most used apps like the
browser, phone, mail, and
messaging. There are also
folders so that you can add your
favorite games, social, and
media apps.
Enjoy Windows 8 for Android
Required Android O/S : 1.2+
Download Link___

Romanian Racing ARMv6 APK

Romanian racing is a new
android game which freely
available in the google play,but
this game is an armv7 and
converted in to armv6 for low
end devices,this Racing games
includes 9 cars and different
Download Link:
Install N Play....¡¡¡¡!!!!!

Snake 3D Revenge(Full)

Game features:
- five different 3D worlds
- three dimensional game-play
with fpp view
- 20 levels
- 18 unique objects in each
world, which affect Snake.
- four game modes (story, time
battle, free play, survival)
- included openfeint
- achievements’ system
- three different difficulty levels
(for both casual and hardcore
- trophies for good and great
- control via touch screen
buttons and by finger sliding,
DPAD, trackball and numeric
Requires Android: 1.6 and up
Download Link:
Install apk and play

Chromasphere 3D

Chromasphere is a full 3D
action/arcade game with a hint
of puzzle for Android 2.1+
devices. Using the
accelerometer/gyro of your
phone or tablet, steer the
Chromasphere to the end of the
level within the bronze, silver
and gold times to win medals.
Can you beat the challenge and
get gold medals on every level?
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Download Link:
Install apk and play

Highway Rider (Armv6)

Drive Ridiculously Fast
The App Store Smash Hit Is Now
Available For Android!
Speed junkies, slap on your
helmet and experience some
high-octane action! Zoom down
the open highway and try to
pass closely without crashing. Be
stupidly irresponsible by
breaking all your bones.
- Tilt to Steer your Bike
- Drive Close to Vehicles to Score
- Embrace the High Speeds!
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
Install apk and play

Legend of Master 3(Armv6)

Legend of Master 3
Ultimate Mystery RPG
Long ago, an evil sorceress
named B'Kar petrified Cain's
family. Determined to one-day
defeat B'Kar, Cain's spirit was
split into 7 pieces and sent
across the world as he fell into a
deep slumber. 400 years later,
Cain's spirit is awoken in the
body of William, a wanted prince
in his kingdom. Struggling to
adapt to the futuristic world
while retrieving his lost spirits,
Cain must overcome difficulties
and train hard to avenge his
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Download Link:
Mediafire: (Apk)
DataFileHost: (Apk) apk and play
Ported to HVGA by DAN CONLEY

How to UnRoot your Galaxy Y....?

By now You all know What are all
the Advantages of Rooting. It
Increases Performance of your
device, You can use Custom ROMs,
Changing Themes, Increase your
Battery Life and many other features
are there. But if you still want to
UnRoot your Galaxy Y. Here is the
Tutorial which helps you to UnRoot
your Device.
Waring: If you follow these steps
properly, you will successfully Root
your mobile or else you wont. It may
leads to Bricking your Phone or
other security issues. I'm not
Responsible for what happens on
your phone. I personally tried this
procedure. It works fine for me.
Note: UnRooting is same as
Rooting your Device. Instead of, you will use unroot-
Steps to UnRoot Galaxy Y
1) Backup your System first
2) Now download this file here
-  (unroot-
3) Now copy unroot- file to the SD Card.
Do Not put it in any folder. It
ain't work.
4) Turn Off your Device and go
to Recovery Mode By Pressing
and Ho…

My Paper Plane 3 (3D) Armv6 APK Premium

* Dynamically generated levels.
* Awesome power-ups.
* Many fun, unique locales.
(more coming soon!)
* Many planes and other
vehicles to choose from.
* Exhilarating feeling of flight.
* Incredibly fluid motion.
* Easy, ultra-accurate controls.
* Medals and Achievements.
* Online Leaderboards.
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Install APK And Play.